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For most of my hormone imbalanced winter funk, I'd be all "woe is me" on *lots* of things, and the boyfriend would always tell me, "You'll figure it out." And then I'd get raving psychotically pissed at him because I wanted him to figure it out for me.

This writing thing, namely Grant and Lauren...

I've known for a year now that I need to piece the story together. I've worked on it, off and on, since 2007. Never in the same document; that'd make too much sense. More like lots of text files everywhere... on Lime, on Molar Mac, George, Fig. And lots of handwritten stuff... in notebooks, notepads, and napkins.

I know I need to put the story together, like putting together a puzzle. But my mindset always was: I'll rewrite/revise as I go along... thinking I'd work toward a more polished draft as I plod along.

That never happened.

I've been reading Scrivener for Dummies... and I'm *finally* figuring it out.

I need to make a 2013 project file.
I need to set up three or four folders (Acts I, II, III or Beginning, Middle, End).
I need to import files into the appropriate folder. (AND DO IT WITHOUT REVISING!!)
I need to type up the handwritten stuff into the appropriate folder. (AND DO IT WITHOUT REVISING!!)
I need to do this without thinking.
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