This time, last year, I was a happy 128. I was able to fit in size 6 shorts, size 10 pants, and tight (but not skanky) tank tops.

This time, this year, I'm an unhappy 145. I fit back into the size 14 shorts and, unfortunately, I only have two pairs that size left. I had donated the other shorts last summer as I bought new ones. I basically wear the same four or five pieces of clothing (combination of capri pants and sack dresses) to work every week because I can't comfortably fit into my cute summer dresses.

Last Friday, I reached an all time low. Managed to fit into one of my cute summer skirts, but the fitting T-shirt highlighted my pooch and wrinkles. I had to wear my favorite cardigan, which would've been fine had I not been calling it my fat sweater. (I *really* love that cardigan. I don't want it to be my fat sweater.)

Last Friday inspired me to switch my Weight Watchers Online plan to the Monthly Pass.

I was on Weight Watchers from December 2011 to March or April of 2012. I couldn't afford the Monthly Pass any longer. Going off Weight Watchers was not the reason why I gained back 20 pounds. (I don't want to get into specifics as to how/why I gained 20 pounds.) I actually continued to lose off program. The pounds started coming back around late fall up until, well, last Friday.

But this time on Weight Watchers?

  • I want the freaking awards. :)

  • I'm going to make it to Week 16.

  • I'm going to become Lifetime Member by September 22 because I'm already freaking tired of giving Weight Watchers money that *really* should be spent elsewhere.

Sunday (June 23) was Week 1 for me. I'm at 145.0 with clothes on. My tentative goal weight is 125.