My goals:

  • Drop 10 pounds by July 20 for my 20-year high school reunion.

  • Lose remaining 10 pounds by Labor Day weekend.

  • Become a lifetime member by Labor Day weekend.


This is the THIRD time I've done WW. Once back in the late 90's, and that was a b*tch, let me tell you. I think I lost like 0.5 lbs. before I was like, " **** it." That old points system was NASTY--and not in that cool Janet Jackson way. Second time was last winter. PointsPlus is freaking awesome! I'd have continued WW then, but wound up being unable to afford the monthly pass.

Being unable to afford is the other reason why there's this push for me to reach lifetime member ASAP. $42.95 a month is still steep for me when I'm making a measly $11 an hour as an office temp; I'm still struggling with getting a monthly budget in order; and I live paycheck-to-paycheck, barely at that.

My plan of attack:

  • I'm switching my weigh-in to Thursdays. (I won't be able to weigh-in this week due to my first weigh-in this past Sunday.)

I decided to switch to put me in the clear for the weekends. Not that I'm going to party hard with beer and bad food... that's what got me back in this place... but considering the weekends are when I'm more free to do stuff... I want to be free to enjoy myself without having to weigh-in with beer bloat.

  • I'm weighing in on Thursday mornings as opposed to Thursday nights.

Originally I was going to do the 6 p.m. Thursday meeting/weigh-in, but was not thrilled weighing in at night after eating (even if I'm eating OP). Then I got to thinking... As much as I hate my current temp assignment, they really don't care when you work as long as you get your 40 hours in by the end of the week.

So I'm planning to email my supervisors here, letting them know I've started a weight loss program, have weekly appointments at 9 a.m. on Thursdays, and will be working from 9:30-5:30 on Thursdays as a result.

Sadly, my WW opens at 9 a.m. during the week. 7:30 a.m. on Saturdays. You'd think they'd be open earlier during the week to catch those going to work. But... my WW is on the way to work. The assignment also lasts until September. <--- That right there is even more incentive for me to get to lifetime by then since I won't have that schedule flexibility with the next assignment.

So my plan is to stop in on Thursday mornings right when WW opens for the weigh-in, then hit the 6 p.m. meeting that night.

  • I bought ActiveLink.

I have the Moves app on my iPhone, which is a great app, but this means I have to carry my iPhone on me all the time (which I don't do because of what I wear... I mean, my dresses and skirts don't have pockets). Yesterday, I took my iPhone to the restroom here at work, planning to do a five minute walk around the parking lot. As I was finishing up in the stall, my iPhone went falling to the floor. The case protected it; corner took a big ding. I'm due for a new iPhone in a couple months. I don't want my new iPhone falling to the floor just because I have to freaking walk.

So I researched ActiveLink yesterday. I *love* the concept of it; especially the idea of tracking activity points accurately. I'm probably screwing myself on activity points just because it drives me crazy trying to time, for example, cleaning. And if this will help me get to be lifetime by September... I will happily shell out the extra $5 a month (that I can't afford).

I wound up stopping in at WW last night; bought ActiveLink. Sucks that I have to do this eight-day assessment. I'll be continuing my increased activity though, i.e., my five minute parking lot walks (trying to do those every hour) and big walks with my boyfriend at night. I just won't wear my ActiveLink at those times. Those two things are really the only increased activity I've been doing.