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Quarterly Bible Study & Workout
Tomorrow (June 29)
It's at my church.
9 a.m. to noon

It's supposed to be huge. There's supposed to be someone live leading the workout. (The leaders are BeachBody coaches.) I was hoping it'd be a two or three hour workout, but it's an hour long Bible study; an hour long workout; then nutritional samples and a presentation following the workout. (I get that they need to sell their BeachBody stuff. I just wish it wasn't at church.)

I'm going because it's free. And I like the BeachBody workouts. I own Yoga Booty Ballet, but haven't been able to afford the others.


30 days of free yoga starting July 1.

There's a yoga studio in my area that gives out 30 free days of unlimited yoga to people who are new to the studio. I'm seriously considering doing it--they have a yoga/reiki combo and I *need* some reiki like crazy--and I want to push myself to do the entire 30 days.

I'm also hoping 30 days of yoga would just CALM me. I've been... irrationally psycho for months now. I'm also hoping it'll limber me up. I wound up pulling a thigh muscle as I got out of my car on Sunday. Didn't think anything of it until both thighs cramped up Tuesday night during a walk... to the point where I couldn't walk for 15 minutes, bawled, and felt like I was going to throw up. Right thigh is better, but the left thigh is still a little pinchy. I squatted down this morning to look at something, and I knew before I stood up that it was going to sear.

I need to continue walking with my boyfriend while doing the yoga. It might just be weekend walks during July since most of these yoga sessions during the week are at 5:00, 6:30, 7:45 and run anywhere from an hour to 1 1/2 hours.


The yoga is also preparation for August:

In August, I want to do INSANITY. I saw that informercial *years* ago and was really drawn to it. I think it's because of Shaun T. screaming at me through the TV.


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