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1. I was a ChaCha guide back when I lived in Philly in 2008. Wasted a lot of time on it--though the Saturday nights doing it at DRL while eating Indian food and enjoying wine were fun. Anyway, today I remembered I had $47 in my account there. I logged on to find (A) I still could log in to my account; (B) I'm still an active guide; (C) I still had $47!! I PayPal'ed that ASAP. :)

2. Since I had nothing better to do at work today, I decided to expedite some questions. Soooooo not like how it was in '08. I've made a whopping $0.26 so far this afternoon. I wasn't expecting to pull in the bucks, but I'd kinda like to hit a dollar before I leave. I mean, hell, if I do a dollar a day... if I start at the beginning of the month... that's like $30 or $31 by the end of the month.

3. I got accepted to join Jon Acuff's super seekret group. Which would be way cool if it really was just 24 people selected (a la Willy Wonka) to participate. But no. It's more like 1,300 people participating.

Oooh, I'm poking around in Jon's super seekret group. Holy crap... I read his welcome message and what he plans to do in the group. This is going to be freaking amazing!

I had to use the money ($75) I had saved so far for my Start conference registration, and was trying to get used to the idea of not going. But maybe I need to restart with the saving. Especially because he's doing a writing workshop of sorts as a free conference extra.

I was going to bitch about some stuff, but why now? :)


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