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My WW is closed tomorrow because of the Fourth of July. Which is fine by me. Frees me up for potential splurging tonight. :)


Nekkid weight:
Starting: 143.0
Today:  140.4
- 2.6 pounds

Clothed/WW weight:
Starting: 145.0
Today: 142.4
- 2.6 pounds

Nice to see my nekkid/clothed WW weight loss is the same.

I'm also weighing myself daily to keep me in check. I didn't do that when I did WW last year. Used to do that when I did Atkins, and I really did think it helped me.

I didn't stay for the meeting. Will go Saturday morning. Rosa (Thursday night leader) leads then. I want to become a WW regular at her meetings. (And, yes, I will get my bravo sticker!)

I didn't go to the Quarterly Bible Study and Workout on Saturday. I was still dealing with a pulled thigh muscle from last Sunday. I knew I could modify the routines, but I was skeered I'd have a repeat of last Tuesday when both thigh muscles cramped up, I was in hysterical tears, and wanted to throw up.

I think today is my last day of my ActiveLink assessment. FINALLY! I've been ready since I bought the thing to kick butt on the challenges. Kinda pained me to have to take AL off when I did my parking lot walks and hardcore walks with the boyfriend since both weren't a part of my pre-AL/pre-WW routine.

I haven't started the 30 days of free yoga yet. Goal is to start Monday.

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