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And I don't know why. Well, I do. Kinda.

I spent this year (kinda) over at Dreamwidth because I hated the "new" look of LiveJournal, cringe every time I see ONTD on LJ's main page, still not crazy about the Russians, and my friends' list is basically dead. But Dreamwidth's not much better. I have like two friends over there.

I spent this past weekend reminisicing again over how cool the Internet used to be with LJ, Romance Divas, AOL's Writers Club, Genie RomEx, RWA... and how there's not places like that anymore. I know I did a similar post bitching about this (probably around this time last year). I hate how RWA is like THE thing for romance writers -- and it's not. They restructured their bylaws for tax purposes, which caused a lot of local chapters to die. Ohio Valley RWA is one of those dead chapters, and I refuse to fork out close to $150 to join National and an online chapter or two when online chapters are nothing more than promo opportunities.

Divas has changed focus from when I joined in 2005 -- and rightfully so because pretty much all of the people who were there when I joined are actively publishing. (Absolute Write's forum's too big; Harlequin's forum is too small.)

I guess I'm looking for a beginner/intermediate place a la AOL's Writers Club or Genie RomEx, where the pubbed authors hang out at, but so do the aspiring authors working on aspiringly things. And there'd be nightly writer chats.

I just can't believe with how awesome and big and endless the Internet is... there's NOTHING like that anymore? And there's NOTHING that competes with RWA?

I've spent the past 1 1/2 years surviving in college, but haven't done any fiction writing in the meantime, so I opened up another goal room for myself over on Divas this morning, even though I don't feel fiction writerly. I have a month off for Winter Break, so I'm like, "This would be the perfect time to write a draft!" I've done it for NaNoWriMo. I've even reached 50K. But the problem is... I don't know how to write a draft where all 50K words tell a complete story. In my last NaNovel I wrote in 2013, I'd sometimes rewrite a scene two or three different times, and just apply it all toward the word count. So I had a story a little over 50K -- complete with a beginning and end -- but I had to gut huge chunks, leaving me with only 12K.

So after I opened up the goalie room, I decided maybe I should get back to journaling. I need a safe space that's not a "professional" blog like what I have on my fiction writer's site or my journalist's site. That means either LiveJournal or Dreamwidth. Maybe if I'm back here on LJ, something will trigger in my brain like, "Yeah, remember when you used LJ back when you were a happy naive writer who was writing for fun? It can be that way again!"

I only wish I could wipe out pretty much all of my old entries. I tried it before, eliminating some of the ex-fiance entries, but it's just such a pain in the ass. I think I could only delete one entry at a time or something.

No promises I'll stick around, but I'll try.


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