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Fandom: Original
Characters: Claire and Greg (boyfriend)
Prompt: 80: Going Under
Word Count: 161
Rating: PG
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Summary: Claire has been infected by colors in her head after meeting Ethan on New Year's Eve. Greg shows up at her apartment for a date where Claire is all over him, believing Greg is Ethan.


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Fandom: Original Fiction/To The Left
Fandom Type: Chick Lit
Pairing/Character/General: Julie Davis and Max (needs a last name)
Community: [livejournal.com profile] 100songs


001.Learn to be Lonely002.Beautiful003.It’s About Time004.Allstar005.Underneath Your Clothes
006.Incomplete007.I Survived You008.Pitiful009.All I Ask of You010.Defying Gravity
011.Holding Out for a Hero012.Believe013.Love is a Battlefield014.I’m a Believer015.Two in a Million
016.Viva Forever017.Goodbye My Friend018.Calling Dr. Love019.Invisible020.Heartbreak Lullaby
021.Drowning022.Perfect Day023.Echo024.Boom025.Seein’ Red
026.Selfish027.On the Line028.Angel029.A Thousand Miles030.Gravity Rides Everything
031.Gravity032.Picture033.Bad Day034.The First Cut is the Deepest035.As Long As You’re Mine
036.The Prayer037.Where is the Love038.Quit Playing Games with My Heart039.Don’t Phunk with My Heart040.Love is Only a Feeling
041.The Future042.I Believe in a Thing Called Love043.Growing on Me044.The Last to Know045.Stronger
046.Remember When it Rained047.For Good048.No Good Deed049.My Heart Will Go On050.What is this Feeling
051.Savin’ Me052.How You Remind Me053.California054.Love Spell055.Here Without You
056.Life Will Go On057.Desert Rose058.Fields of Innocence059.Here is Gone060.That Don’t Impress Me Much
061.One Thing062.Unbreak My Heart063.Faith064.Dancing With Myself065.Arms Wide Open
066.Disease067.Gonna Change the World068.Here Comes the Sun069.Stand by Me070.Tainted Love
071.Love Me Do072.Closure073.Fever074.Fall Back Down075.River Below
076.Welcome to My Life077.She’s All I Ever Had078.Private Emotion079.Reflection080.Going Under
081.Bring Me to Life082.Haunted083.Imaginary084.Taking Over Me085.Touch
086.I Don’t Want to Wait087.Do You Only Wanna Dance088.Baby, I’m a Train Wreck089.Missing You090.Karma Chameleon
091.Time of My Life092.Kryptonite093.More to Life094.Eye of the Tiger095.Blessed
096.Out Here on My Own097.Writer’s Choice098.Writer‘s Choice.099.Writer‘s Choice.100.Writer‘s Choice.

* Fic Tables with links to the songs: http://100songs.livejournal.com/1675.html


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