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Chick Lit Novel:

I spent about a half hour at work revising what I had written on Monday, then I spent about a half hour writing a new page, revising from what I wrote during one of the working chats last week. I typed up what I wrote at Work #1, when we got home from the airport, doing some editing/revising as I typed.

Chick Lit Novella:

I decided to work on Mollie's character sketch, thinking that might help me revise what I did on the Dramatica outline yesterday. I only did two questions, figured out her parents' names, and decided she should have a sister while at the airport. I didn't get to the airport until 9:15 or so, and by the time I got out of the bathroom there, Jeff's flight was showing as "in range" on the arrival board. I love Southwest for always arriving early, but I could've used an itty-bitty delay tonight.

God, why does that make me sound like a mean person?
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Chick Lit Novella:

I finished up the character section on the Dramatica outline for the chick lit novella on August 17.

Tonight, after dealing with sleeping, doing laundry, dealing with itchies and wooziness... I worked through another section of the Dramatica outline on the chick lit novella. Deleted Abby from the list of characters. I don't see why or how she could have a purpose in the story right now. And due to the small word count, I can't have a huge cast of characters. The section I worked on tonight dealt with plot lines between Mollie and Nick. My goal to finish this is next Tuesday, since I want to start writing this on September 1 a la NaNoWriMo style.

Chick Lit Novel:

Today, before leaving Work #1, I spent an hour revising a bit of what I wrote on the a scene during one of the working chats last week.

SF Novel:

On August 18, I sketched out more on a scene for the SF/rom elements novel. Intended to write on it over the weekend, but I didn't. I think I figured out a method to finally deal with the research that'll be involved with the worldbuilding, but now I need to figure out *when* to do that.

In my perfect world, I'd finish the chick lit novel scene this week, then revise the SF scene next week. It feels doable; I mean I *know* these characters better than the ones in the chick lit novel. I just have this fear of not doing the SF novel justice.

Also, I'd want to enter the SF scene in the villain contest over at Romance Divas just to counteract any negative comments I'd get from the chick lit scene. Because I can tell already that the chick lit scene will be a love it/hate it kinda of thing. Okay, so will the SF scene. But I'm accepting that's just how I write. I entered the SF novel in three well-known RWA contests in 2003. I *always* got pretty consistent scores--high average too, though not high enough to make me final in all three. Say there were four judges in a contest... three of them would be right on the mark; not too much of a difference between their scores, and even their comments were consistent. But, yet, I'd always get one judge who was just *so* far off the mark. I got sent to a discrepancy judge for the 2003 Daphne, and she was the one who got me to the finals there.

But yeah, I think I'm pretty much a love it or hate it kinda of writer. Which could be cool in a way. To know I can stir up that strong of a reaction in a reader? It's a perverse outlook, I know.

Tomorrow... it's spending another hour working on the chick lit scene during the day. Jeff will be here tomorrow for a week for his late summer vacation, so I have to drive up to Columbus tomorrow after work and pick him up. His flight doesn't get in until 10:05 p.m., so I'm hoping to get to the airport by 8 p.m. (it's a two hour drive to Columbus), and I'll be revise what I did on the Dramatica outline tonight. It'd be nice if the Max and Erma's would be open so I can have some dinner and a drink or two--I like the Columbus airport because most of their shops and restaurants aren't beyond Checkpoint Charlie--but I have a feeling I'll be hanging out at Cup O' Joe, since they're open 24 hours.
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Chick Lit Novella:

I revised what I had so far on my Dramatica outline today while at Work #1. I actually have a story title now; added more on to my plot synopsis; added a description of Mollie; and added Mollie's parents, Abby, Rachel, and Claire to the list of characters, as well as brief descriptions of them.

I know who Nick looks like (yes, Dave Matthews):

Mollie looks like the woman on the cover on a magazine. I'll have to scan that in at work tomorrow, so I can have a graphic file of it.

Edison Story:

Yes... you heard me. Edison Story. (This is my SF/with rom elements novel that I haven't touched since, ummm, 2004, I think).

I decided to listen to LaunchCast, or whatever Yahoo calls its music service, today at HUC because I was bored (believe it or not) with Groove Salad. For whatever reason, I can't listen to LaunchCast in Netscape, but I can listen to it through Yahoo IM. Yeah. Get this... the message I get when I try to listen to LaunchCast in Netscape: Something about how it doesn't support Windows. Yeah, right! In my perfect world nothing would support Windows. :)

So I listened to the Chill Out channel on LaunchCast, and "Home" by Zero 7 came on. I like Zero 7. I've heard the song before on Groove Salad. I even bought it off of iTunes Music Store. But today? I just completely froze when I heard it... and Bauldner started talking to me. Faint whispers and some murmurs, but he was speaking to me! :)

Before I fixed dinner tonight, I sketched out some notes that will lead me to revising the opening scene of chapter 2. It's not as in-depth as the sketch of the IY villain scene from the other day, but it's a start.

I'm so going to have to keep up on my writing when Jeff's here next week... working chats and what not. I also need to get orange juice, because I got such a late start at writing/thinking tonight... it was more screwdriver time rather than wine time. I had the vodka... well, okay, not a lot of vodka. Will have to get more vodka. But I had *some* vodka. That's important. Just no orange juice. That made me sad. :(
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Lesson 1/Assignment 1 of Around a Book in 90 Days. A plotting program that they did earlier this year over at From The Heart, and I'm hoping to get through it much sooner than 90 days. :) Considering Amanda wants to sub the chick lit book to Freya's Bower four to six weeks before Thanksgiving. Besides, if I'm doing Writer's DreamKit/Dramatica as my main plotting tool... I don't think I'll have to really dig deep for AABin90. I'm viewing AABin90 more as a supplement.

Mollie's external and internal GMCs are a result of the brainstorming I did one or two nights in Philly, when I was semi-functional.

And I'm telling you... I can't remember which workshop it was that I listened to... I have the notes in my green carry-on... but I think it was Setting Your Story Free (from the Dallas '04 National). Kristin Gabriel said that internal GMC is nothing more than the character's error in thinking. Talk about a light bulb moment for me! (And no one dare break my light bulb by saying that internal GMC needs to be so much more. :D )

Everything else I did tonight before I left Work #1 for the Post. Look at me... writing *after* work *at* work. It's much easier to do since the old regional director of admissions/now interim regional director of admissions since he took the job as dean of the rabbinical school made me and the administrative assistant in the admissions office move across the hall, so he could keep his nice office with windows.

I thought it was really going to suck having to move... but now that he rarely comes over now... I have lots more freedom to get away with more non-work related duties. Like he's notorious for working late when his wife is down in Nashville for cancer treatments. Which would be a real bummer when you're working in the same office as him. And since I have flex time... sometimes I don't get in until the afternoons which means I'd have to stay just as late as him to show that I'm doing my time *and* work.

But now? I could definitely get in the habit of writing for a half hour or so after the administrative assistant leaves. Which leads me to...

Two days of writing in a row! *squee*
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Got some emails from Rhonda and Amanda (fellow Romance Divas). They're shooting for an October 1 deadline, I think, for our chick lit novella/anthology.

Trying not to panic. I'm really trying not to panic. Writing, polishing, critiquing... by October 1. I've never been in this position before. I mean, it's only a 20K to 30K novella. I think, the last time I checked Freya's Bower... they had a word cap of 30K on a novella. And, of course, I always aim for the high end of a word count. More or less as a cushion, I suppose. I've done anywhere from 55K to 59K for NaNoWriMo before. There should be *no* reason for a panic attack.

That said... I've given up again on using First Draft in 30 Days. This is like the third time I've tried using this book. Something isn't clicking on some level.

Tonight, while sitting in the kitchen waiting for the oven to warm up for my pizza, I decided to go back to using Writer's DreamKit (a toned down version of Dramatica) for my plotting and outlining. It's what I used to outline the Edison story back in 2003. Working through that program with the Edison story required a lot of thinking, a lot of drinking, and some whimpering... but I got a solid outline that I was proud of back then... which made it for quite the easy NaNoWriMo-ing. :) I wonder what I can do with the program now that I'm older and wiser.

My plan is to get back into the working chat habit. I rejoined the Chick Lit RWA chapter, so I can attend their Wednesday working chats. (They used to do Monday chats, supposedly, but I think that's long since fallen by the way side.) Didn't get very far on my personal working chat tonight. Got started around 8:00, but then had to install Writer's DreamKit on Mollie... only to not be able to install it because I didn't have the serial number for the CD-ROM. I then I had to go over to Tom's to get the Writer's DreamKit box, which had the card with the serial number inside. (Luckily he lives less than five minutes from me.) I finally got started around 8:30.

End result? Not a lot done, but I had to do a lot of thinking... which resulted in me sending a *long* email to Amanda and Rhonda with questions. I had almost a whole bottle of white zinfandel... but I got no buzz whatsoever. I think I might've eaten too much pizza.


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