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Kicked. Ass. Big time.

Just looked up last night's Who episode on Internet Movie Database: Midnight. It's an RTD episode. I did not know that going in, since I missed the opening credits, but yeah, that explains why I had a deep burning love of this episode. All the RTD episodes I've seen are just too freaking cool.

I caught the last 10 or so minutes of the 9 p.m. airing on SciFi. My thought--and it's a completely good one--to quote Stan from South Park: "Dude. This is really fucked up right here."

Made it a point to watch it at 11 p.m., but dumb me, I missed the first five or so minutes of it because I was in the kitchen getting a small cup of Cool Whip, so by the time I came back to change the channel, the Doctor was already on the bus. (Yes, I chose watching CSI Miami at 10 p.m. over Stargate Atlantis. I just have no interest in watching Stargate Atlantis. I don't know why. Well, okay, maybe I do.)

Loved all the clamoring of dialogue between all the characters when Sky went psycho. I know she was possessed, but it's so much fun to say she was psycho because, really, she was psycho when she was possessed. I mean, the look in her eyes when she was reciting everything everyone was saying. Psycho.

Loved how the clamoring just built up as everyone thought they were completely, totally screwed, and were going to die. By this point, I was think-screaming (because I couldn't scream out loud since Mom was in the living room with me), "Why can't I think of something like that???" If I were to scream out loud, it wouldn't be like the loud rabid screaming I was doing, alone in my apartment, when I first saw Bad Wolf, that compelled me to call Jeff afterwards saying, "I just saw THE COOLEST THING EVER! I just saw THE COOLEST THING EVER!!!! It was like genius right on my TV screen." But still, this was pretty fucking cool.

Absolutely loved how the Doctor was all like, "Oh, this is just another day of weird, and look, here's a new being! Let's learn what it is! And don't kill it. I'm going to protect it..." (I'm not dissing the Doctor)... and then the creature fucked with him... and took his voice.

And then when they were going to throw the Doctor out... when he couldn't move. Okay, I sat there, knowing they couldn't kill off the Doctor, but still. The guy can't move. And his eyes were looking pretty desperate. And when his foot got caught on the base of one of the seats, I was like, "Ummm, he won't be able to hold on forever..." Yeah, loved it.

Absolutely absolutely loved it at the end... when the Doctor met up with Donna, and you could just tell that he was messed up from the experience.

Did not love it when my mom said, "I wish they'd all just shut up" when everyone was speaking, and all the dialogue was clamoring together. Oh hai, Mom, I don't make comments when you and Dad watch Burn Notice. And, yeah, speaking of that... I don't get why you have problems with Dexter, but not with Burn Notice. Both have narrative voice overs. But yet, like Mom, I find the voice overs on Burn Notice to be annoying, whereas the voice overs on Dexter are not. (Mom's the opposite).

I am annoyed that SciFi is playing the first of the three Rose episodes everyone has spooged over in LJ Land, starting next Friday. When I'll be in Philly. For good. With no cable. So not fair.


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