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What sucks is that I can't go into detail about my grief. At least, not yet, anyway.

1. Denial: Been there, done that last night with thoughts of "My story was different!"

2. Anger: Hit that about 10:30 p.m. last night. With realization that editors do indeed want tried and true, but different; and that maybe all my ideas are bad ideas.

3. Bargaining: I'm thinking this is non-applicable.

4. Depression: Hit that after the anger last night, but then that faded away once I decided that I was going to work on Rejected Story for Romance Divas' Fast Draft. But then the depression came back about 1:30 p.m. today when I was sucking down a Blueberries and Creme Frappuccino at the mall, where everyone annoyed the piss out of me because all the tables outside of Starbucks were taken, so I wound up at the food court, where I couldn't have quality fume time because of annoying, screaming spawn.

Brownie points to Starbucks for playing Fallen by Sarah McLachlin. Such a feel good song. Not.

5. Acceptance: Get back with me after I have my Miles (of Sideways) therapy. No, I don't have any swill to drink, but I did buy a bottle of Pinot Noir and will see how far I can get through the bottle tonight. I was going to watch Sideways, but am opting for Show Cats on PBS instead.
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The following is why I've neglected my blog and disappeared from Romance Divas for over a week now:

Vampire Proposal
Vampire/Erotic Romance

Deadline for Submission: July 21
Personal Deadline for Submission: July 18

6/14: Initial brainstorming

6/16 to 6/17: Plotted using Outline Your Novel in 30 Minutes by Alicia Rasley
Plotted on the birth card

6/18: Expanded on the 30 Minute Outline

6/21: Started drafting Hero's Journey outline

6/22?: Switched vampire tarot card

6/23: Plot notes

6/24: Plot notes

6/26: Plot notes

6/29: Plot notes
Read vampire eBook

6/30: Went to Starbucks and read the Wikipedia printout on vampires. Made lots of plot notes.

7/1: Starting pulling what I plotted/researched on Saturday into my Hero's Journey outline.

7/2: Worked on Hero's Journey outline

7/3: Listened to Plotting the Erotic Romance workshop (RWA '06)
Started reading vampire eBook
Made notes for Hero's Journey outline

7/4: Worked on Hero's Journey outline
Struggled with plotting the ending

7/5: Listened to Lover's Journey workshop (RWA ’05)/took plot notes
Made Call to Adventure/Lover's Call section more cohesive.

7/6: Set up my Vampire page in Backpack.
Finished reading vampire eBook
Made more plot notes

7/7: Started revision #2 on the now Hero's/Lover's Journey outline

7/8: Continued revision #2 on Hero's/Lover's Journey outline

7/9: Continued revision #2 on Hero's/Lover's Journey outline
Pulled some of the aforementioned plot notes into the outline.
Finished outline revision #2 – Page count unknown; maybe 15-20 pages

7/10: Began draft of first scene of first 1K words
Word count unknown

7/11: Began draft of second scene of first 1K words
Word count unknown
Started revising first scene

7/12: Finished revising first scene.
Word count: 415
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I made myself go out yesterday. This is a big deal for me because, usually, I just stay inside and do nothing. Well, I do go out, but it's usually to Kroger's to get a pizza, and then I come straight home, and basically do nothing. Sure, I say I'm going to write or plot and drink a lot, but usually what I do is... drink a lot, eat the pizza, and then fall asleep.

The plan was to wind up at Kroger's to get pizza, but I was going to go to Bruegger's first to read through the Wikipedia printout on vampires.

I had to go to the post office to mail my rent check or my butthead landlord will slap me with a $35 late fee as of Monday. He better have a grace period this time around since the first is a Sunday. It should be in his mailbox on Monday; I went to Dalton Street. They're open on Saturdays until 6 p.m.

Instead of doing my usual pizza thing... I decided to go up to Trader Joe's, so I could do sushi and wine tonight. Something completely different and a little healthier... rice aside. On a whim, I went to the small Starbucks--though not as small as the drive-through/walk-in Starbucks up in Grove City--where I usually had good plotting experience in the past.

I wound up getting a small (I refuse to order my drinks using Starbucks' pretentious terminology) Raspberry Mocha Frappuccino... and... wow! That was just like sucking on a Godiva raspberry truffle. And I read my Wikipedia vampire printout and... wow... a lot of possible big plot holes were cleared up after reading some of the folklore. This is for the vampire proposal for Cobblestone that Rhonda Stapleton encouraged me to do, but I'm wondering if it's going to be too far off for Cobblestone. It's an erotic romance publisher, and the guidelines for the vampire series says erotic... but... ummm...

To paraphrase-quote Agent Smith: "Weird, twisted stories... I've missed you."

To continue on with The Matrix references: I'm going way down into the rabbit hole on this one. It feels goooooooooood!!!!

I haven't been into the rabbit hole since the Edison story. God, I've missed it!

I never had an interest in doing a vampire story. Thought it was all too cliche with the vampires trolling around after midnight, not being able to be in sunlight, and sucking blood. Then there's that whole sex appeal thing that oozes from vampires. (Hi. They're dead and they're out for your blood. Not sexy.) But... but... and this is probably going to sound egotistical... but... I'm coming up with ideas on how to break the cliches and the ideas feel plausible.

So to Rhonda and New Doctor Who (specifically the Ninth Doctor)... thank you for steering me back to weird! I've sooooo missed this! I actually walked around Trader Joe's, after my Starbucks plotting, smiling.


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