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I'm thinking of dropping the anxiety class this time around. FPU starts next week. If I take both classes, I'll be at the Vineyard twice a week for nine weeks, and then once a week for four weeks after that, finishing out the anxiety class. :( And I was also thinking in the shower today... maybe I need to *reeeeeeeeally* focus on the financial crap this time. I started reading Starting an eBay Business for Dummies yesterday; dove in and opened up an eBay store (for $16/month). I had an eBay store once before and did okay. It was nice to have my auctions up that didn't sell as auctions as fixed priced items instead, so that stuff would still be out there.

And me taking a bunch of courses in a month never goes well. Last month I had two writing workshops and Radiant Goddess. This month, I'd have FPU, anxiety, Business Goddess, and Radiant Goddess. It's also supposed to start snowing around 3 p.m. and through rush hour. I hate driving in the snow because of the idiots... and all my back ways home are steep, long hills. I'd be stuck taking the interstate tonight.

I know... the anxiety seems like a big issue, but the financial part contributes to the anxiety. It's a catch-22.


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