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Just some friendly spam on behalf of a fellow RWA member! Actually, she's here on LJ too. It's [livejournal.com profile] stephanielynch.

I've not done personal tarot readings with her, but she's done tarot readings on some of my characters (Bauldner and Mallory from my SF novel; Grant and Lauren from the chick lit). Both were eerie accurate! (Though I never told her that in email. I always get these readings done before something BIG happens... like after Grant and Lauren's readings, I got sidetracked with the move... and then I never send the gushing email I want to send.)

Let's Talk Tarot & Readings

Do you want to learn more about Tarot? Want to listen in as a professional Tarot consultant gives free readings? Want to be one of the people who gets a reading? Come join Stephanie Arwen Lynch, president of the American Tarot Association and professional Tarot consultant, as she chats with authors Mandy M Roth and Michelle Pillow Wednesday July 16th from 11pm to 12pm EST.

And you can win a free reading by posting this notice somewhere it hasn't been posted and leaving the link here. Have to leave it there or it doesn't count.
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[livejournal.com profile] ctakahara has taken on the mighty task of competing in the Most Interesting Hard Drive Contest, sponsored by Scribd.

The top three people get prizes, and I know Phil's wanting that MacBook Air. Yeah, Kindle is cool, but it's all about that MacBook Air.

So he needs views on his documents.

As of this morning, he's #32 on the leaderboard. Impressive, but that ain't going to get him that MacBook Air. ;)

So when you have a free moment (or two or three or more), go view his documents--and view them often--so he can rise up in the ranks.

He's also taking requests for stuff to write about, so feel free to leave ideas in my comments section here, and I'll pass them on.

Thanks bunches for helping out! And if you'd like to pimp Phil on your own LJ or blog, I'm sure he won't complain.


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