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For most of my hormone imbalanced winter funk, I'd be all "woe is me" on *lots* of things, and the boyfriend would always tell me, "You'll figure it out." And then I'd get raving psychotically pissed at him because I wanted him to figure it out for me.

This writing thing, namely Grant and Lauren...

I've known for a year now that I need to piece the story together. I've worked on it, off and on, since 2007. Never in the same document; that'd make too much sense. More like lots of text files everywhere... on Lime, on Molar Mac, George, Fig. And lots of handwritten stuff... in notebooks, notepads, and napkins.

I know I need to put the story together, like putting together a puzzle. But my mindset always was: I'll rewrite/revise as I go along... thinking I'd work toward a more polished draft as I plod along.

That never happened.

I've been reading Scrivener for Dummies... and I'm *finally* figuring it out.

I need to make a 2013 project file.
I need to set up three or four folders (Acts I, II, III or Beginning, Middle, End).
I need to import files into the appropriate folder. (AND DO IT WITHOUT REVISING!!)
I need to type up the handwritten stuff into the appropriate folder. (AND DO IT WITHOUT REVISING!!)
I need to do this without thinking.
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I had a long day today. Looooooong day. But it's totally fine since I'm not a slave to a traditional job anymore, so it's not like it's a long day because I got my ass kicked at work or something. It was just a long day between going to the girly doctor, then spending the afternoon with Tom (we went to Frisch's for lunch, then Arlin's for drinky-drinks. Gin and tonic, I've missed you), then figuring out where to kill time after Tom had to go meet Laura, so I didn't have to sit in dead-stopped traffic on I-71 North (because there's nothing that gets my road rage flaring more than sitting in dead-stopped traffic because you know there's one idiot at the very front of the mess that's gimping everything up).

I went to Brueggers to take advantage of my free refill mug, where Lauren handwrote her blog entry for the day, then headed up north to stop at Starbucks to try and do some special interviews. This was a little after 8 p.m. Called three people; got their answering machines; refrained from saying, "My editor is going to kill me if I don't turn a special in reallyreallyreally soon."

I got a call back around 9:30 p.m. right past the rest area on I-71 North, just above Lebanon. I had to drive an extra 15 minutes to get off at the Xenia exit, so I could call the guy back. Yeah, I know, gas is up to $4.09/gallon. Dead guy's father could've waited until tomorrow, but I've slacked on doing these specials big time.

It was about a 20-minute interview. I finally left Xenia a little after 10:30 (went through the drive thru at McDonald's because I was starving. Yeah, I know, not compliant).

On the drive home, I listened to Maroon 5. Specifically "I Won't Go Home Without You." This is where I share my lust love of Adam Levine because the song gave me a plot bunny for the scene I need to connect the CVS scene to the condom scene in Grant and Lauren.

Now to just make the time to draft it. I'll be happy with a freaking draft of the scene. I've even stared at my empty Grant and Lauren fic table, hoping that a word will turn the little plot bunny into a rabid rabbit, but nothing's happened yet. And I need to channel uber sadness because this is the scene where Lauren dumps her jerkwad fiance. So I guess I need to find an uber sad song for inspiration before I segue into "I Won't Go Home Without You" because the little plot bunny I got for that song is when Grant ditches his date at CVS to follow Lauren through Center City because she's not in a right frame of mind. (She's drunk, but not as drunk as she was pre-CVS scene.)

And... oooooh... be amazed at how I can finally connect the dots in a story! The CVS scene deals with condoms. The condoms make an appearance again in, well, the condom scene when Grant and Lauren are back at her place. Look at that consistency there! ;)

And speaking of Adam Levine... there should be a Facebook group or something called Writers Who Exploit Adam Levine. Because Grant looks like him, and I found out last week that [livejournal.com profile] faesutherland is co-working on an Adam Levine/John Barrowman gay romance. Though I'm under the impression that their characters don't look like Adam and John; they're just using them for inspiration. (Fae... correct me if I'm wrong.)

With that, I leave you with a song:

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I posted this over in Romance Divas, but thought I'd toss it out here too:

I'm still frumping on my lack of writing, and I'm still pining over thinking anything I'll write (since getting that judge's critique on my final round short story I entered in the NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge) will suck from here on out. I know my situation will improve once this move is over with, but that thought isn't helping now.

So I decided my hand at writing a blog in Lauren's POV. (Yeah, like I need another time suck). But I'm hoping it'll get me excited about the story again. The trouble is... I don't know what to blog about. I thought once I get out to Philly, it'll be easier to blog as Lauren and her life since I'm conveniently living where she lives. Until then, Lauren is open for questions to get her brain dislodged.

A bit about her:

* Her name is Lauren Franklin.
* She's 32.
* She lives in a basement apartment on Spruce Street in Center City.
* She works as a tour guide in Philly's Historical District.
* Her pet peeve is when tourists automatically assume she's related to Ben.
* She hates her job.
* She has a subtly domineering best friend named Julie Davis, who is starting a wedding planning business.
* Her other friend is a bartender named Andrew Glasper.
* She finds out that her fiance is cheating on her while she's giving a tour.
* She runs into her what-if from college (I think it was 13 years ago; still need to work on the time line), Grant McConnell, at the same time she catches her fiance cheating.
* Grant McConnell is an assistant professor of English at the University of Pennsylvania. He's 36.
* The two attended the College of William and Mary.

Lauren's currently bland blog with currently nothing fun is at: http://laurenfranklin.vox.com/

Leave a link to your blog or web site or MySpace or whatever. She'll give you a linkback if she answers your question.

Thanks for the help!
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I found a fan fiction community that focuses on love and sex *and* allows original characters/fiction. Since I'm on my way of *finally* grasping romance writing with Grant and Lauren, yet need to improve, I decided to do them for this challenge.

Fandom: Original Fiction/To The Left
Fandom Type: Chick Lit
Pairing/Character/General: Grant McConnell and Lauren Franklin
Community: [livejournal.com profile] lover100

001.Romance. 002.Beauty. 003.Forgiveness. 004.Regret. 005.Discovery.
006.First Meeting. 007.Hardest Truth. 008.Resolutions. 009.Anything. 010.Home.
011.Intimacy. 012.Self-Love. 013.Kisses. 014.Frustration. 015.Pressure.
016.Absurd. 017.Forbidden. 018.Honesty. 019.Grace. 020.Laughter.
021.Confidence. 022.Happiness. 023.Sexy. 024.Tears. 025.Growth.
026.Sensuality. 027.Faith. 028.Night. 029.Day. 030.Innocence.
031.Music. 032.Water. 033.Love. 034.Ambiguity. 035.Act.
036.Whew. 037.Anger. 038.Dirt. 039.Trust. 040.Heat.
041.Summer Love. 042.Patience. 043.Opportunity. 044.Death. 045.Passion.
046.Healing. 047.Life. 048.Joy. 049.Freedom. 050.Bliss.
051.Dreams. 052.Kinky. 053.Haunted. 054.Emergence. 055.Transmogrify.
056.Magnetic. 057.Surreal. 058.Passage. 059.Lush. 060.Could Of.
061.Would Of. 062.Should Of. 063.Hunger. 064.Need. 065.Want.
066.Take. 067.Have. 068.Mine. 069.Yours. 070.Lubricious.
071.Lugubrious. 072.Perspective. 073.Capering. 074.Empathy. 075.Sympathy.
076.Mirth. 077.Almost. 078.Always. 079.Surprise. 080.Warmth.
081.Heartache. 082.Ghosts. 083.Break-Up. 084.Make-Up. 085.Diary.
086.Voice. 087.Biggest Fear. 088.Warning. 089.Everything. 090.Nothing.
091.Failure. 092.Success. 093.Glimpse. 094.Sanctuary. 095.Picture.
096.Writer‘s Choice. 097.Writer‘s Choice. 098.Writer‘s Choice. 099.Writer‘s Choice. 100.Writer‘s Choice.

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As of May 20:

Writing to Stay Sane Before The Move, Part 2
1386 / 10000 (13.86%)

The 1,386 words are a result of the mime prompt I did last week for [livejournal.com profile] tamingthemuse.

I edited/cleaned up the piece at Panera on Tuesday night. I did catch some stupid grammar mistakes that I should've caught, had I not been so last minute on finishing it late Saturday afternoon. I didn't have time to do a final read-though outloud. Entries have to be posted by midnight every Saturday night.

10,000 new words on Grant and Lauren before going out to Philly for Good will be way cool. Because that word count will bloat up once I get it into the right spots on the manuscript, and in standard manuscript formatting.
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Title: To The Left: After the Breakup (1 - it's for a novel)
Fandom: Original (romance/chick lit)
Prompt: Mime ([livejournal.com profile] tamingthemuse)
Warnings: None
Rating: PG (beginning of slight sexual situation; slight language)
Word Count: 1,377
Summary: Lauren Franklin's day has gone from bad to nightmare, skipping over worse. After catching her fiance cheating on her during work hours and returning the engagement ring via First Class mail, she's alone in her apartment with her should-have-been, Grant McConnell.

The cake is fake. )
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For Tuesday and Wednesday, I worked on a scene for the mime prompt posted over at [livejournal.com profile] tamingthemuse. I have no idea if I'll post the prompt there--everyone's been posting mostly fan fiction--or if I'll use it in the book (though it's totally post-CVS).

Favorite line from Tuesday:

Walking back over to Command Central, I jerk off the lid and scribble out Dan's name in big black strokes, leaving my name untouched. Lauren Elizabeth Franklin. God, even my name screams Puritan.

Favorite line from Wednesday:
(* Lauren remembers that Grant was there, three years earlier, at the coffee shop where Dan proposed to her.)

Grant is waiting for me; the Sharpie forgotten. I stop in front of him; my toes touching the tips of his shoes. He knows what's expected of a psuedo-groom. He tosses the Sharpie onto the skinny table behind the couch, and slowly lifts up my veil.

Instead of asking him if he'll take me, I ask, "Why didn't you stop it?"
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Did about five handwritten pages on the Post-CVS scene sketch yesterday--powered by 1 1/2 baby bottles of wine and Friday's potato skins. (Mom took Nonnie to the doctor's, then did errands with her, hence me enjoying wine).

Grant and Lauren are inside her apartment now, and he's discovered the depths of her bridal hell she's been subjected to. :)

Song I wrote to: Tragic Mirror by Sondre Lerche.

If anyone has any recommendations for "mime" songs, I'd love to get them! Doesn't have to be about a mime-mime. It can be about someone pretending to be someone they're not, someone living a life they shouldn't be living, etc. Thanks!

Must go get ready now. It's my big day/night out at Starbucks. New iTunes cards are released today. I should get to Bruegger's, since I got that damn $99 mug I'm not getting my money's worth out of (yet) and it should be iced coffee season for them, but the closest one (in Mason) closes at 3 p.m.
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Okay, so I watched Doctor Who again tonight.

Yeah, I know, still watching them so out of order. I'm kinda stuck until I subject myself to the 1960-version of The Forsyte Saga I got from NetFlix by accident. I had wanted to watch the 2002 version again--Damian Lewis. Yum.--but in my buzzed clicky-click state when I placed my huge NetFlix order before the final round of the NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge back in March, to familiarize myself with genres other than romance (because what would've been the odds that I'd have gotten romance again for the final round), I got the wrong damn version. I know, I could send them back, forget that I ever rented them, but I thought I'd give it a try since I liked the 2002 version so much. Compare and contrast and all that crap.


This episode didn't hold my interest again. By about 11:20 or so, I started going through my snail mail, and figuring out how much in the hole I am with my money after this last Philly trip. Hell, I can't even remember the title. It dealt with oods.

I thought maybe it was because I was still drooling over Adam Levine. Maroon 5 and Sara Evans performed together on CMT Crossroads tonight, and I spent the entire time watching him, thinking, "You are one fine, fine looking man."

And then, while Crossroads was on, I started getting ideas for what to do after the CVS scene in Grant and Lauren, when Lauren seals up the envelope, addressed to her jerkwad fiance. She rushes out, leaving her purchases and Grant behind, and then Grant goes and follows her, and since it's like 2:30 in the morning when this scene happens... everyone's coming out of the bars, Lauren gets caught up in a bar crowd near Rittenhouse Square (she's still lingering drunk, anyway, from earlier that night), manages to get to a mailbox to mail the envelope, Grant finally catches up to her, but he's too late to stop her from mailing the envelope, and drama ensues.

Then I started focusing on the need for an appletini, hoping the parents would go to bed relatively soon, so I could do a bare bones outline of that scene.

So I thought maybe I was distracted. But no, the episode just didn't do anything for me.

Ten's facial expressions were under control, but I've come up with a theory to pacify myself on that. :) He's only doing the expressive facial expressions and, umm, occasional possible overacting because Donna does it. :) You know, when you're around the same person for a long period of time... you're going to pick up on some of their mannerisms. I know I've done that with Jeff.

I mean, seriously, there was one part, where Ten and Donna were standing together, and their mannerisms, the tone of their voices, seemed so similar.

Whatever works, right? :)

Martha's going to be on next week's episode. That'll be fun. If she pines for Ten, can I throw crap at the TV?
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When we last left Grant and Lauren, it was the end of November and I had just shoved them off to Houston to play in the Golden Heart (GH), and I was a little aggravated with Lauren for having no spine. (But that's totally cool... I wanted that reaction since, in the beginning, she doesn't have much of one).

My grand plan was to work on Grant and Lauren between the GH deadline and when finalists were announced... in case I was a finalist. But that didn't happen. Neither the working or the finaling.

Then winter came, and while I had a funk in February (over moving and living in Clifton), then stress in March (over getting ready to move and dealing with my insane landlord)... I still wrote two short stories, and I didn't do my yearly Diva Disappearance in March.

I schelped the first round of my crap out to Philly on April 1; stayed there for about three weeks, trying to get the apartment organized. I'm now back in Cincinnati, going through more crap (stuff stored at my parents; stuff stored in the best friend's basement), in preparation for The Move--Part 2.

I figured... oh, I'm living at my parents. Won't be able to do much writing. It's true... due to not having any personal space at my parents' house, not having much time to myself (Mom doesn't work, so she's around most of the time, and stays up until like 1 a.m. every night... now I know where I got my nightowlness from), and that I need to be focused on the pruning. But then I was like, "Oh, I'll try and do my Lilly and Hamid story for that Desire contest." Deadline is July 1 to submit the pitch, in hopes of being selected to do a pitch with a Desire editor in the eHarlequin chat room, probably later on that month, but before RWA National, since the editor's made it known she wants to buy a Desire prior to National.


I drove back after spending five hours at Starbucks Tuesday night, listening to the oh-so-awesome Grant and Lauren soundtrack. They're still in my head! I drove home squealing, visualizing what I had already written as songs played. I still remember what I need to do on the chapter 1 revision. I still know I want to beef up that bar scene in the beginning of chapter 2. I still remember how I want to "cold case" chapter 2, thus moving the chapter that's currently chapter 2 to chapter 3. I can still visualize the morning after scene after when Lauren returns jerkwad fiance's engagement ring.

And, Wednesday, I found some more songs I could add to the oh-so-awesome soundtrack; downloaded the new Maroon 5 video (Grant looks like Adam Levine); and went all squealy again.

So it's totally back to Grant and Lauren:

The manuscript and Molar Mac with all the Grant and Lauren files are in Philly, but I brought a ton of background work to the parents with me prior to The Move--Part 1, since that was my original plan all along. Stuff about getting to know Grant better, so I can "cold case" his chapter without problems. Fiance and I were working on Grant and Lauren's timeline when they were both in college during the GH madness... gotta finish that up. I was brainstorming what kept Grant and Lauren apart when they were both in college. Basic big things like that. Basic big things like that that I could so totally do (hopefully) while living at my parents.

Besides, I was 1.4 points away from getting in the top quarter of the GH. There's *no* way I should shelve Grant and Lauren until I'm settled in Philly. Those 1.4 points should be motivation for me. (That and looking at pictures of Adam Levine... purely for research purposes).

Grant and Lauren rule!
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Golden Heart finalists were announced back on March 25. Since you didn't hear any screams from Cincinnati on that day, you can assume that I wasn't a finalist.

However, I got my scores today, and I gotta say... I think I did damn good. :)

I entered Grant and Lauren in the Novel with Strong Romantic Elements category.

This is a chick lit, so I have the flexibility not to focus *all* on the romance. It's written in first person present (which most romance writers hate--and they're the ones who are judges in this contest). It was never critiqued by anyone prior to me entering (other than myself). And it had a 35-page chapter 1 (which I thought I'd might get dinged on, but couldn't break it into two chapters since it was one continuous scene).

My scores... drum roll please...

Judge 1: 7
Judge 2: 8
Judge 3: 6.2
Judge 4: 7.6
Judge 5: 6

Final score: 34.8

Get this tidbit of info:

You may refer to the following information in order to determine the ranking of your score.

Top quarter; final scores equal to or greater than 36.2
Second quarter; final scores between 35.8 and 33.3
Lower half; final scores equal to or less than 32.6

Grant and Lauren were 1.4 points away from getting in the top quarter!

Awwwwwwwww, yeeeeeeeeah!

(I really need to get that T-shirt for moments like this.)
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I will admit... I could feel myself falling out of the zone today. *bleh* It has nothing to do with getting back into the groove after the fiance's visit. I got back into it easily after I dropped him off at the airport yesterday morning. Spent two hours at Tim Horton's self-critiquing the first five pages. Today, at Bruegger's Bagels, I spent two hours running the first five pages through Deanna Carlisle Magical Scene Questionnaire form. And I think all this analyzing has started to pull me out of the zone. Luckily, I haven't doubted what I wrote, but I'm wondering if I really need to do all the revisions on all the issues I marked up yesterday at Timmie's. Will the story still be the same if I tear it up too much?

I think the "problem" lies with description. In my attempts at the WAW contests, I'd always get continously marked down for lack of description. Sure, like with the twin chick lit, you know that Abby is a professor and that the scene takes place in her office, but I didn't go all the way. Like, umm, I didn't establish the smell of the office. (Yep, someone wanted to know what the office smelled like.)

And I wondered today, when I knew I was falling out of the zone, what if I'm not meant to be a descriptive writer? Before, I thought maybe I was trying to take the easy way out, but now? I'm really wondering. When I read as a reader, the descriptions never stick with me. My most favoritest books (thus far) are Rosie Dunne by Cecelia Ahern, the Shopaholic Series by Sophie Kinsella, and The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. The descriptions are there, but maybe they're sprinkled throughout. All the stories are more internal/psychological. And I have a quote from Sophie Kinsella somewhere on my computer that says she purposefully doesn't describe what the hero and heroine looks like, so the reader can picture them however they want. Which I think is cool.

When I was trying to figure out how to handle description, some of the books I skimmed through... the authors tended to lay it on thick. Which is fine, I think, depending on the genre of the story.

Grant and Lauren is chick lit. I can't see how I can lay the description on thick in this story. Like the first five pages... Lauren is giving a tour around the Historical District in Philly. While on tour, she sees her fiance cheating on her *and* Grant is on the tour that she's giving. She's got a lot to deal with in the first five pages. There's no time to ponder about the sunny Philly day, the crowded streets, the clogged traffic, the big spouting fountain, and whatever the hell she's supposed to be smelling. Instead, she's needing to know if that *is* her fiance smooching on another woman across the street from her *and* how to deal with re-meeting the guy she ran away from seven years earlier. The most she may be concerned about, from a descriptive standpoint, is sweating like a pig from the colonial outfit she's wearing and almost passing out (and is that because she's just seen her fiance with another woman or that her corset is done up too tight).

And then, what if I'm just not a descriptive writer? What if I tend to focus more on the psychological?

And, also, I'm wondering if the POV usage might not play a part in it. When I write in third, description kinda comes easier because I am not these people. When I write in first, I don't know. It's a different approach to writing first, I think. It's like I become the person.

If you use me, as a first person example, the past ten or so minutes I've been typing here... the only descriptive thing I've focused on are two separate times of something sounding like a tow truck going down my street... and that's because I'm fixated on being towed tonight, because I parked in a legitimate parking spot on my street, but pissed off an obnoxious family in the process.

They have a driveway, but it's not really a driveway anymore, so the spot in front of the fake driveway is a legitimate space now for anyone. I was told this by my landlord when I moved in three years ago. I've never had an issue parking in that spot when the space was open for the entire three years. (Other people have parked there, too, BTW.) Until tonight. One of the obnoxious family members came over and rang my doorbell (they've seen me, seen me come out of my apartment building before, know what car I drive). I didn't answer the door at first, and when I did a sneak check, whoever was there was gone. Until I saw him coming from the direction of my building, give directions to a car stopped in the middle of the street, and then went back to Obnoxious Family house. So I know he came over with the intent of asking/demanding me to move my car. And I'm leaning toward demanding because...

My mom has had a run-in with Obnoxious Family before, when she came over to do cat duty, during one of my Philly trips. I've also called the cops on Obnoxious Family (anonymously) last year, because a couple of the punks got into a shouting match, which escalated into a fight, which had the potential to go worse with some guys who live in an apartment further down, all in the middle of my street.

So maybe description has to be motivated too, when dealing with first person POV? Because, if what happened tonight didn't happen, I wouldn't be paying attention to the outside sounds because I wouldn't be paranoid. I'd actually be able to tune the outside sounds out since, really, it's all just typical city and college town noises. The only sound I'd pick up on tonight would be the downstairs neighbors' howling dog--and that's because his howling always annoys me, for some reason. Again, another motivation for picking up on a sound. Or the loud blaring of bass coming from my downstairs neighbors' just now, which usually annoys me, but it was the opening music of The Office, and now I wanna go down and watch it with them.

Hmmm... I may have to sleep on this. Which bedtime is in my immediate future because it's my goal to get to Bruegger's Bagels by 7 a.m. tomorrow, so I can avoid any potential confrontation with Obnoxious Family. If I can pull this off, that means two to three hours of writing time before going off to the paper.
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I have officially decided on my next project!

It was a toss-up between Grant and Lauren (a.k.a. reunited lovers chick lit novella) or the faery story.

I really, really wanted to do the faery story. Even got my "high concept." But, I don't know, I couldn't get myself jazzed. Even though I knew I could've done it--the vampire proposal proved I can, and I had/have three months to actually write the manuscript. 20K limit, and I'm getting good at self-critiquing.

But I blame doing the chick lit on Maroon 5. I downloaded their recent CD this week... which is chocked full of songs that could be applicable for Grant and Lauren. And then it's summer. Originally, I was going to do this story for the Freya's Bower Summer Lovin' submission call, but didn't have the time to get the ideas in order. But I still like the summer setting, and there's not much of summer left. (Boo! Hiss!)

And--I think the big reason why I'm opting to do the chick lit is that I just came off of doing a paranormal. Sure, it was just a proposal, but I plotted the poo out of that thing, so I probably overdosed myself in paranormal. So I'm thinking... maybe... just maybe... by alternating between "weird" and "normal" might save me from burnout or fear or duplication of ideas (I *did* have death themes start cropping up in the faery story), and definitely wear and tear on my voice.

Since today is August 1... I'm going to try First Draft in 30 Days (again) for the novella, and actually do the days on the corresponding days. I've always started this book/plotting method, but would quit at... oh, I can't remember which day it is. I'm hoping since I'm doing a novella with a 30K limit... the method might be more doable.
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(I tried posting this yesterday, but Blogger kept crashing my browser. Thanks, Blogger!)

... To the second round!

Samhain Publishing is having a first line contest. The winners who make it through to July gets to have their first three chapters and synopsis read by an editor there.

So I entered the first line from the Grant and Lauren story. And I thought I didn't make it through, because I didn't get an email. But my first line was there on the blog as one of the 90 who made it through the second round!!!! There were close to 300 entries!!!! (I later found out that they weren't emailing those who made it; they were just posting the results on the blog.)

The editor posted in the blog how she has all sorts of statistics, but that the interesting one is: No one line was chosen by more than five of the seven editors.

I made it!!! One of 90 out of close to 300!!!!

Here's my line: "We're going to go shopping for men."

I have until Friday at noon EST to post my second line. I need to polish it up because it needs a little ooomph, and I need to clarify that it's Julie who says "We're going to go shopping for men" and not Lauren.

You can find all the first lines, with the second lines, here.


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