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No, seriously, I watched my very first episode of new Doctor Who, featuring the Tenth Doctor, last night since I'm living at my parents and am not stuck in a third world country (my apartment) without cable. I wouldn't have known when it was on--and I'm dense enough not to go look online for when it's on... even after the conversation Sarah and I had on the plane last week--if it weren't for stumbling on the eight hour new Who marathon (featuring Sexy Doctor, aka the Ninth Doctor) on Sci-Fi earlier this week, and caught a commercial for New Who on Fridays. (Tangent... You try controlling the urge to bawl like a baby when watching Parting of the Ways when your mom is in the back room. Not fun.)

Say hello to Sexy Doctor, errr, the Ninth Doctor:

Yeah, he's bringing sexy back. Well, he was until he regenerated into the Tenth Doctor:

(No, really, Tenth is a cutie. Bear with me, Sarah! You're talking to the girl who wanted to start the Hip, Young Friends of the Time Lord (Specifically the Ninth Doctor). This is how deep my lust, errr, favoritism for Ninth is.)

I want to say it was the episode (Fires of Pompeii) I saw because Sarah sold me on the Tenth Doctor while on the plane, and not because I have this hardcore favoritism for Sexy Doctor. Because Tenth Doctor *is* cute. He's got the trench coat thing going on, nice suits, an adorable smile, and then I felt drool form at the corners of my mouth when he wore glasses, but ummm, (Sarah is going to kill me) the facial expressions? I gotta get used to that.

For the record, it was the episode and not my lust, errr, favoritism for Sexy Doctor that made me focus on things like Tenth's facial expressions. Because, by 11:30, I was like, "Oh, it's only 11:30." You know, I was more aware of what time it was, so then I'm going to be more aware of other nit-picky things. I never do good when the doctor and his companion travel back in time. I had the same reaction I had last night when Sexy Doctor and Rose went back in time and met Charles Dickens, and those spirits or whatever were possessing dead people. Not my favorite episode. And, going back to last night's episode, you know, I couldn't get lost in it. Just awareness of what time it was; and I couldn't get into the whole people being Transformers, only made of rock; and then the daughter who was a seer, I was like, "Oh, she looks like she could be Leonidas' daughter in 300."

And let's talk about Tenth's companion, shall we?

Sarah clued me in on Donna; how Donna has more of a brother/sister relationship with the doctor than a romantic one. God, that really helped to know that because, if I didn't, I'd probably be screaming, "Oh, hell, no" when I saw Tenth and Donna walk out of the Tardis. Because, quite honestly, there's only one companion for the doctor, and that's Rose, and since he can't have Rose... he should just go back to traveling alone. Period. End of story.

But, yeah, it's totally brother/sister. I loved it when they were arguing in the middle of Pompeii's town square, after they arrived, because they *did* sound like brother/sister. And I like how the writers (maybe I'm reading too much into this) set things up with Tenth and Donna as brother and sister. When Tenth and Donna found the Tardis (which was sold to someone for their art collection), upon meeting them, the guy who bought the Tardis asked who they were. Tenth was like, "Spartacus." Donna replied the same. The guy was like, "Oh, so you're married?" Tenth and Donna made a face and was like, "Oh, God, no." The guy was like, "Brother and sister?" Tenth and Donna agreed. The guy also said something how they both looked alike.

My only big qualm with Donna was at the end when her and Tenth were getting the hell out of dodge before the volcano exploded. Tenth was like, "This is how it's supposed to happen. It's a fixed event." And then Donna started going into this overacting, near baritone screaming (twice), to which I thought, "Ummm, you need to go to the Rose Tyler School of Companionship ASAP." Seriously. Rose would never do that kind of overacting screaming. She'd just call the doctor stupid point blank, then he'd see the error of his ways. :)

I *am* glad I caught a Tenth/Donna episode rather than a Tenth/Martha episode. Because--and I'd have this reaction before Sarah gave me the lowdown on Martha--I'd be throwing bunches of crap at the TV if I saw her.

I mean, even after my very first time stumbling on the Sexy Doctor (Badwolf) on PBS, and after I called up both Jeff and Tom, telling them I saw the Most. Coolest. Show. Ev-er., I was looking up everything I could after the show, and I was like, "Oh my God, New Who is on Sci-Fi... and that's not Sexy Doctor... and who the hell is that??? That is not Rose???? Where the fuck is Rose?????" I knew when I saw Martha on the web site, I assumed... oh, she's a young'un. She's going to be *all* over the doctor. And even after one episode of the doctor and Rose, and never seeing Martha... that a Martha/Doctor pairing would be a Very. Bad. Idea.

After Who last night, I watched CSI: Miami to get my comedy fix for the evening. Sing it with me... one of these things is not like the other... one of these things is not the same.
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I made myself go out yesterday. This is a big deal for me because, usually, I just stay inside and do nothing. Well, I do go out, but it's usually to Kroger's to get a pizza, and then I come straight home, and basically do nothing. Sure, I say I'm going to write or plot and drink a lot, but usually what I do is... drink a lot, eat the pizza, and then fall asleep.

The plan was to wind up at Kroger's to get pizza, but I was going to go to Bruegger's first to read through the Wikipedia printout on vampires.

I had to go to the post office to mail my rent check or my butthead landlord will slap me with a $35 late fee as of Monday. He better have a grace period this time around since the first is a Sunday. It should be in his mailbox on Monday; I went to Dalton Street. They're open on Saturdays until 6 p.m.

Instead of doing my usual pizza thing... I decided to go up to Trader Joe's, so I could do sushi and wine tonight. Something completely different and a little healthier... rice aside. On a whim, I went to the small Starbucks--though not as small as the drive-through/walk-in Starbucks up in Grove City--where I usually had good plotting experience in the past.

I wound up getting a small (I refuse to order my drinks using Starbucks' pretentious terminology) Raspberry Mocha Frappuccino... and... wow! That was just like sucking on a Godiva raspberry truffle. And I read my Wikipedia vampire printout and... wow... a lot of possible big plot holes were cleared up after reading some of the folklore. This is for the vampire proposal for Cobblestone that Rhonda Stapleton encouraged me to do, but I'm wondering if it's going to be too far off for Cobblestone. It's an erotic romance publisher, and the guidelines for the vampire series says erotic... but... ummm...

To paraphrase-quote Agent Smith: "Weird, twisted stories... I've missed you."

To continue on with The Matrix references: I'm going way down into the rabbit hole on this one. It feels goooooooooood!!!!

I haven't been into the rabbit hole since the Edison story. God, I've missed it!

I never had an interest in doing a vampire story. Thought it was all too cliche with the vampires trolling around after midnight, not being able to be in sunlight, and sucking blood. Then there's that whole sex appeal thing that oozes from vampires. (Hi. They're dead and they're out for your blood. Not sexy.) But... but... and this is probably going to sound egotistical... but... I'm coming up with ideas on how to break the cliches and the ideas feel plausible.

So to Rhonda and New Doctor Who (specifically the Ninth Doctor)... thank you for steering me back to weird! I've sooooo missed this! I actually walked around Trader Joe's, after my Starbucks plotting, smiling.


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