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Janet Jackson.

(Or Miss Janet, if you're nasty.)

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I guess it should be Survivor Name of the Morning, but I really am supposed to be doing my obits in the evenings. Like Friday's obits should've been done last night. Nice to get them out of the way, but also too because I live in fear that one morning, I'm going to oversleep.

So the Survivor Name of the Night (errr, Friday) is...

Last name of mother and maternal grandparents: Martini
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At the paper, a reporter and I had this game where we'd pick the Survivor Name of the Night. I can't think of any examples off hand--all the CCI messages I had saved are on Mollie, and she's boxed up. But some of our criteria were any of the following: Cheesy, potential porn star (we had a couple of those), outright unbelievable where you want to call up the funeral home and ask, "Is this for real?"

Either it's been no fun to play the game alone, or I just haven't came across any worth survivor names.

Until now, if it's the latter.

The Survivor Name of the Night is....

drum roll.......

Mary Poppins.

I kid not you. She's the Dead Guy's sister.

Earlier this year, I had Jack Bauer as a surviving brother. Bet you all didn't know he lived in Kentucky.


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