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Philadelphia Freedom: It's definitely time for me to get the hell out of dodge. I told Jeff last week that it kinda feels like me and my parents are tip-toeing around each other--it's a subtle tip-toeing--and I feel like there's going to be another explosion at any given moment. Like when the discussion of a moving date and how am I getting my stuff there will happen. I understand that Dad needs to have an idea of a date to get the time off work, but I kinda dread telling him that I'm going to have to rent another moving truck. There's just no way around it. My parents were wanting just to rent a cargo van, but that ain't going to happen. Also, I think I saw on one of the moving truck web sites, a cargo van is only available for rental for in-city moves.

Yet I'm making slow progress on the packing, as usual. I'm definitely starting to see progress in my bedroom, but things aren't going as fast as I'd like, considering I have a community yard sale next Saturday (June 21). I have a lot of stuff to sell already--just need to price it--but yet I could schlep so much more, if I just get my ass in gear.

Progress in my bedroom... I've got my crap cleaned out from underneath my bed, and have moved some of Mom's stuff there. (My bedroom has become an annex of her storage room since I moved out, so that's another reason why the packing/sorting has been going so slow; no space to work with; no floor space to move around). I cleaned out all my desk drawers yesterday. I boxed up my rolling suitcase and carry-on. I'm going to wash my Strawberry Shortcake Halloween costume today, and box up my pen pal letters from when I pen palled in high school and stationery I still have. Logically, I know to get rid of the pen pal letters and sell the stationery, but there are some letters from people (maybe even try and get in touch with them; I found one of my old pen pals through a Google search... got her email address). I can always sell/donate the stationery in Philly, if I realize I don't need it. I mean, I'm totally going to have to have a couple sidewalk sales once I get out there.

I need to find a brightly colored plastic tub ASAP for the Important Necessities I brought with me to my parents. Somehow, the stuff I brought in the itty-bitty plastic tub has multiplied. I'd like a brightly colored plastic tub, so I can find this tub once I'm at the Philly apartment, since this will have Grant and Lauren stuff, my vampire story binder, story brainstorms I did while here in Ohio, etc. Plus, the itty-bitty plastic tub is the perfect size to pack the seven bottles of wine I bought last week between the Whole Foods wine tasting and the Northern Kentucky Wine Festival.

I still have a box of crap in the trunk of my car from April's move. I hope there's nothing that's meltable in there.

Writing: Still working on the condom scene revision. I can only do a paragraph or two at a time. And now I wish I hadn't entered the Reveal Your Inner Vixen contest with what I entered with. I mean, it's okay. I still haven't puked whenever I re-read it. It's just the revision is making it better--there's some condom specifics I didn't get right the first time. It still kinda sucks in sexual tension, but yet it's better.

I have five handwritten pages of plot ideas for a werewolf story.

Also, I never mentioned this anywhere, but I read Business is Blooming by Linda Carroll-Bradd last Friday, when I was killing time at Starbucks, waiting for the Whole Foods wine tasting, and got some plot bunnies for a story for that continuity. This plot bunny was handed to me on a silver platter, considering it involves an obit writer and a funeral home director. I thought I'd have more difficulty, that I'd have to have the Flower Basket play more of a part in the story, but it sounds from the guidelines that it can be secondary, so long as it still figures into the story. Like it can just be the thing that brings the hero and heroine together.

Though it'd help if they would get that Flower Basket Yahoo Group set up for those interested in writing that continuity. *sigh*

Goals: I'd like to get to either the Apple Store today to get an external FireWire drive, or IKEA and see if they have one of those little plate/trays that you can attach a wine glass to, so I can bring it with me to the Whole Foods wine tasting tomorrow night. I was the only "single" person there last Friday, and where they had the tastings was small (it's in their cafe), so it got crowded real fast. I didn't want to get all my food at once, since there were five wines to taste, and I wanted to try each wine with its appropriate food, so whenever I left to get in line, I had to leave a note saying, This seat is saved. Thanks! It worked. Got comments from those sitting around me how it was a great idea. But I can't expect the note to work every time.

There's no way I can get to both places today. IKEA is easily a time suck. :) You can't just go in there with a goal in mind. I always ADD and wander around the place. Grand Opening Day in March, I was there for five hours (but the crowd had something to do with that). When I went there after my dentist appointment in May, I was there for three hours--and my plan was just to stop in to have lunch. Okay, so an hour was spent eating/reading, but still, I spent two hours ADDing in the store.


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