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What happens in Vegas...

Oh, wait, Stephanie has to get to Vegas first.

YOU can help!

I Can Has Cheezburger is holding a Poker Cats contest. They're giving away a trip to Las Vegas for two plus $500 spending money.

The prize will be awarded to the person who has the top rated entry.

Please, please, please vote for Stephanie Secrest--and vote often!

Even if you don't get the captions... act like you do and vote for her. :)

As of 4:47 p.m. on March 9, the top rated entry has 780 votes. Contest ends on March 18. This means she has some catching up to do... so please pimp her out to all your blogs, MySpaces, FaceBooks, Bebos, email groups, friends, family, strangers, and alien beings. Thanks bunches and bunches!

Stephanie's entries:

Short stack?! AGAIN?!?!?! I has Phil Hellmuth moment.

Is eaten blueberriz so I can win. It werks fur Jamie Gold.

Daniel Negreanu kitteh knows wot cards yew has.
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Because Daniel Negreanu is playing on Poker After Dark this week! And, yes, it's new episodes! And I really hope he kicks Brad Booth's butt because Brad is kinda Bob-ish looking. *ewww* (Okay, so it's not exactly Wordless Wednesday, if I'm typing.)

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Sorry, Hugo Weaving... you just got bumped down to #4.

The new guy in the #3 spot on my To-Do list is Daniel Negreanu, this week's Poker After Dark winner.

The adorable Daniel is 32 years old--wow... Stephanie actually wants to do a celebrity in her age bracket--and is from Toronto, Canada. Unfortunately, he's married. But, hey, so is Hamid (#1 on the list) and Hugh (#2). He--and, okay, his wife, too--lives in Las Vegas. So if Jeff and I actually get there this year... one of the rules of the To-Do list is that if I ever met said men on the To-Do list, then all bets are off. :) Heh, heh, heh. I can dream.

Text means nothing when discussing one's To-Do list. Heeeeeeeeeeere's Daniel:

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I missed Poker After Dark last night! Gah! I had fallen asleep on and off all night last night--after I finally had dinner at 10:30 p.m. on--and woke up once at 1:30 a.m.-ish. Carson Daly was on. I thought, "Poker After Dark will be on soon." And I fell right back to sleep! Woke up at... 2:55 a.m. or so. Enough to catch the last five minutes of the show. Gah!

I need to get this VCR hooked up. If I want to start functioning on a human schedule... I can't be staying up until 3 a.m. every night to watch a poker show.

Satellite Radio Saga Update: It works. Finally.

Tom and I had to take my stereo back to Circuit City yesterday afternoon because the speakers didn't work. They lit up; they flashed to the sound; but no sound came out of either speaker.

When I got home from Work #1 last night and settled in... the first thing I did was hook up the satellite radio. Starting at around 7:30 p.m. Which involved...

1. Having to get back online to reactivate the radio because... when I activated the radio last week... I had to leave the radio on to get the channels downloaded to my Roady. Well, when I realized I couldn't use my home kit with the boom box... I turned off the radio, and tossed everything into a basket. So I had to reactivate the radio last night--which took up to 30 minutes to get the signal and the channels.

2. Got the home kit all plugged up to the new stereo. Turned on the Roady, hit the menu button, and had no option on the Roady to select the FM frequency. I sat there and scrolled through the options for, oh, 10 or 15 minutes. Like the option was somehow going to magically appear.

3. Called XM Radio, and had to deal with Kaitlyn. Who turned out to be Julie's sister. Because she didn't understand me... much like Julie. (Julie is Amtrak's automated assistant.) After finally getting Kaitlyn to comprehend my phone number, I got transfered to techinical support... only to be on hold for 15 or so minutes. When I finally spoke to a human, he couldn't help me because the problem was with the Roady home kit. He gave me the number for Delphi. Which...

4. Delphi's customer service closed at 8 p.m. It was now past 9 p.m. And Delphi doesn't offer much in terms of customer support on their web site either.

5. I then spent about a half hour googling: "xm radio" + "fm frequency" + "help." Which only gave stores selling the Roady home kit. I then googled: "xm radio" + "no fm frequency"... which gave me one result. A message board. Which was helpful, yet not... because no one really wanted to share the information on how to get an FM frequency.

There was one message saying that the guy needed to make sure that nothing was plugged in line out. And I kept reading references to the dock. Now with the way my brain works... I'm a little slow at times. I kept thinking, "Dock... dock... dock... dock... dock is what the radio sits in!" So I went over to my Roady, looked at the back of the dock, pulled out the line out plug, and got the FM frequency option.

And you know what this means?

I didn't have to buy the stereo because I didn't need that RCA output. Which kinda pisses me off because the quick start instructions that came with the home kit gave off every impression that you *had* to plug the red/white plugs into your stereo.

Any logical person would take back the stereo and just suck up the restocking fee. But I am Becky Bloomwood. I probably won't. Because the sound is just soooo good... on both land and satellite radio. And I like the flashy speakers.

9:45 or so... I was finally done with my satellite radio ordeal, and happily listening to the XM Chill channel. And, yesterday, I discovered that you can search on the XM web site for artists/groups, and you can get a list of all stations that play, for example, Frank Sinatra. Also... there's a Frank's Place channel... and the description for that is basically "songs by Frank Sinatra and friends." And there's a feature on the Roady where you can set up alerts for artists. I've got one for Fergie. Whenever Fergie is played on any channel... I'm supposed to hear a beep or something and get the option to change the channel over to wherever Fergie is playing. As soon as I can catch Frank playing, I'm going to do up an alert for him too.
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So it was a quick, easy night at The Post. I had started posting Kentucky and Cincinnati stories a little after 10 p.m., though I had the typical lag time about 11:30 or so as I was waiting for Schumacher and the crew to copyedit the stray stories. (I like to wait and start my web posting where there's a whole bunch of stories done, so I can do a big batch of exporting.)

The important thing is: I got out of there a little after 1 a.m. I even beat Paul, the night editor, leaving.

The even more important thing is: I got a parking spot *on* my street. Granted, it was on the other end of my street--as been the case every night this week--but I got a parking spot *on* my street. Friday nights are always iffy because of the parties going on my street and on the next street. Plus... there's a bar at an intersection just a block down from my street. But I guess since we're in winter quarter... more people have flunked out of school or something. Because during fall quarter? I could rarely get a parking spot on my street on a Friday night.

So I had to park at the other end of my street... which meant I had to walk past a couple houses/apartment buildings where there were parties going on. And it was a nice night--temperature was 59 degrees--so people were hanging out outside, and goofing off in the street, and being loud and obnoxious. Which made me remember: Being drunk makes you more of what you really are. Which... wow... there's a lot of mean and obnoxious young'uns who go to UC.

Once I got settled in... I made myself a berrytini (1/4 cup Berry Fusion Pucker and 1/4 cup vodka... but then you'll need to add more Pucker in to balance out the taste of vodka) and warmed up two slices of a leftover quesadilla.

By then, it was after 2 a.m. Normally, Channel 5 plays repeats of Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien--and they're recent repeats, like from the week before. But there was a poker show on. Poker After Dark. Has anyone seen this? It had already started, so I missed the opening, but all it was is two guys sitting at a poker table, playing poker, and the dealer. The thing is... I *watched* the show. I wound up falling asleep at some point, but I *watched* it. Like in "paid attention"... and I know *nothing* about poker. And it wasn't like the guys were attractive. But the more I watched it... the more I thought Gus was kinda sexy, and that poker was kinda sexy, and that I want to write a story about poker. And, no, I wasn't drunk. I didn't even make it through half of the berrytini.

I thought about that the whole sexy thing this morning. As in, why? Maybe it's because it was more intimate. I mean, like I said, it was just two guys sitting at a poker table, and they were both wearing mics, so they would talk to each other. But it wasn't like a real conversation. Just a few words here and there. Huck would ask Gus if he could buy more chips, etc. There'd be banter between the two about the game. The other poker shows I've seen... it was usually tournaments or something. Four to six guys sitting around a table. None of them remotely attractive. No talking. Everyone wearing their poker faces. Sure, Gus and Huck had their poker faces too, but once a round was over with... they'd relax, laugh, smile, talk, etc. And, oh yeah, I didn't even see a Poker Babe on last night's show while I was up.

So I googled Poker After Dark today. Interesting concept. Snippet from an article:

Set in the back room of various casinos on the Vegas strip, "Poker After Dark" gives viewers an intimate look inside a poker game usually reserved for the eyes of the professional poker players themselves. "Poker After Dark" will feature the world's top pros, all miked during the weekly battles for the $120,000 pot – including Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, Doyle Brunson, Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson, Erick Lindgren, Jennifer Harman and Gus Hansen – fighting it out for poker supremacy.

NBC's web site didn't really have a lot of info about the show, but it looks like a Poker Babe hosts it. But this Poker Babe actually looks classy. Huh.


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