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Last time I did one of these was back in August....

Thirteen reasons why I can't wait to get to Philadelphia

1. Working on my iMac again

Mollie has been boxed up (in her original box, even) since I've been temporarily living at my parents since late April. There's no room to set her up anywhere in the house. I even brought one of my Post desks to use for her. My plan--along with many other failed plans I had for being here for two months--was to go through and fix her little iTunes issue. (Somehow, at some point, I have two iTunes libraries in two different places on her hard drive, with duplicate songs).

Granted, it's been nice working on Mom's 20" iMac with a five million gig hard drive (which was nice when I downloaded those Cold Case episodes) and with six trillion gigs of RAM (sarcasm... Mollie only has like 512 megs of RAM and a 40 gig hard drive, which is down to like 2 gigs, I think), but it's not *my* computer. And Mom's computer has quirks. Namely, it does this annoying thing of not letting you move an application window around sometimes; a pop up menu will pop up, and the only way you can get rid of it is by bringing up the dashboard, or by hitting escape while cursing a ton of times; and I reallyreallyreally hate her mouse.

2. Writing first thing in the morning

I had gotten into a nice little routine at the Cincinnati apartment where I'd wake up in the morning, hurry and go through the procedure, get to Brueggers and spend like two or three hours working on Grant and Lauren, while drinking bottomless free coffee. (There was a specific table I had to get too.)

What have I been doing in the mornings here at the parents? Rotting in front of the computer, trolling Twitter, Facebook, et al. I killed six hours in front of the computer the other day. I am not proud of that.

There's a Brueggers at Haverford, which is like maybe a 15 minute train ride from Center City, so I'm excited I can continue using my bottomless mug two or three times a week. :) (I paid $99 for that mug!) On my non-Bruegger's days, I plan to maybe do my writing at Good Karma, since they're big fans of XM's Chill Channel.

3. Walking, walking, walking

My movement has gone considerably downhill since working at home. Still, I had more motion going on at the Cincinnati apartment than I do now here at the parents... since I have to drive to get to civilization. You know how you're supposed to walk at least 10,000 steps a day? I walked something like 2,100 steps yesterday. (Don't have an exact count. My pedometer reset itself at some point yesterday).

And, yes, I'm leaving my car behind. People can't grasp that. "You're not going to have a car???" Yeah, you don't need a car when you live in a city that has actual working public transportation (including bus, subway, trolley, and regional rail), Amtrak that runs through your city more than three days a week, and taxis that you don't have to call and order one to come pick you up.

Speaking of cars...

4. Driving a SmartCar

I got approved for PhillyCarShare, and will be able to drive this:

People are shocked that I'm considering driving it on the interstate.

5. Going to Manhattan for like $2 round trip

Or maybe more if MegaBus raised their fares, considering the price of gas. But still, don't you think I won't be doing that often.

It's kinda sad: Cincinnati got MegaBus way before the East Coast route existed, but I never used it. The only route MegaBus offers for Cincinnati is to Chicago, which is totally cool. I liked Chicago the one and only time I went there; would like to go back and explore the city for longer than two days. But taking the MegaBus would be more expensive than I could afford since I'd have to stay in a hotel in Chicago. At least going to Manhattan, I can come home the same day.

6. Sleeping on my futon again

I've been sleeping on the couch in the living room the entire time I've been here at the parents. Yes, they still have my bed. Yes, it's still in the bedroom. But my bedroom has turned into a storage room--complete with crap on my bed. And, no, there's nowhere to move it. I'm lucky I have enough room to do what packing/pruning I've been doing.

And sleeping on the couch was fine at first, but I'm starting to feel it in my back/shoulders. And my stress cramp is back in my upper left arm. Usually, what I need to do to fix that is just to sit in my car, scream really loud, and beat the hell out of my steering wheel.

7. Seeing all my cats

Callie has been with me here at the parents; partly because I'd be lonely without a cat, and partly because I didn't have the money to do her vet trip before The Move, Part 1. Skittles, Zora, and Tailless Cat have been in Philly since April, and I really miss them. Especially Tailless Cat. She has/had this obsessive relationship with me, and I'm afraid she'll completely hate me when I come back.

8. Going back on the Atkins Diet

The lowest I was weight-wise while doing Atkins Half-Ass was 128. Between being underemployed/working at home/living at my parents, I'm up to freaking 142. Jesus freaking Christ. And, I know, my parents are not shoving high carb goodness into me. I'm willingly eating this stuff... BECAUSE IT'S THERE. At my apartment, I had control of what was brought into the house. Frosted Mini Wheats never made it into the apartment because I knew I would gorge out on it. Potato chips never made it into the apartment because I would gorge on it. And so on.

And, also too, I've just been pissy. Partly because living here at the parents is taking its toll, but also, carbs really screwed with my attitude. I went on Atkins, I became a happy, more tolerable person. And I wasn't tired all the time either.

9. Drinking when I want to again

Dad probably thinks I'm an alcoholic. He questioned the four boxes of alcohol they carried out of the apartment; was worried that I sat around at the apartment, being all lonely, just drinking away. I had to explain to him how martinis worked, and refrained from saying, "I'd be more worried if you carried out four boxes of empty bottles."

10. Watching whatever I want on TV

Mom is unemployed, so she's home during the day, and watches what she wants. As soon as Dad gets home, he gets the remote until he falls asleep. Even then, there's no guarantee I'll get possession of the remote. Back when the Tudors and Desperate Housewives (of which I am a fan of neither) were finishing up, there was more than one stressful moment where I wanted to watch Cold Case on the nice TV, but Mom wanted to watch the Tudors. And don't even bother watching Dexter with Mom around. I think the show drives her crazy with Dexter's voiceovers.

11. Reading again

The last time I read a book was last fall. After the Golden Heart deadline, I wanted nothing to do with words during December. Then January came, and I had to start getting more serious about packing up the apartment. Thought I'd be able to read at the parents, since I wouldn't be writing much (if at all), but there's *always* noise going on. When I read at night, I want it to be completely quiet, so I can enjoy whatever it is I'm reading, and so I can get sleepy, and fall asleep with the book.

12. No one talking to me before 10 a.m.

Parents try to be all social. They forgot that Stephanie is not a Morning Person. Jeff, however, gets it, and knows he may be risking sudden death if he talks to me before 10 a.m. (at least). He doesn't even make a big production number when he leaves for work between 8:30 and 9:00. He usually just whispers bye and kisses me on the forehead.

13. Being with Jeff

This is a given, but I'll include it anyway since people can't seem to comprehend that, yes, I do miss Jeff, and I haven't seen him since April, but I've been too busy to really miss him.

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Thirteen Things about Stephanie

1. The top three people on my celebrity to-do list are: Hamid Karzai, Hugh Laurie, and Daniel Negreanu.

2. My most favoritest movies are Little Miss Sunshine, Sideways, The Music Man, Sliding Doors, and The Fifth Element.

3. My most favoritest music group is Squeeze.

4. My most favoritest books are Rosie Dunne by Cecelia Ahern and The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. Both made me bawl--and I rarely cry or bawl over books--and The Time Traveler's Wife made me mutter "damn" over and over when I was finished.

5. I like Sophie Kinsella's take on writing... how she doesn't describe the main characters, so you can either picture the character however you want or put yourself in the character's shoes.

6. I hate description dripping prose.

7. It takes me forever to read Harlequins and Silhouettes because I get easily distracted from them.

8. I was a big fan of Max Headroom: 20 Minutes Into The Future. (Can that please come out on DVD?? Please??? It was only like, what? 14 episodes?)

9. I was Max Headroom for Halloween when I was in 7th grade... and won second place at my junior high's costume contest they had during their Halloween dance.

10. I won a trip to Jordan in 2005.

11. I am a big Glenn Beck fan. Not only am I a XM subscriber, so I can listen to him with crystal clear reception (as well as listen to him on Headline News)... I'm also an Insider and I've seen his live shows twice (Glenn Beck on Ice in 2005; An Inconvenient Tour this year).

12. I like Strawberry Shortcake, the Powerpuff Girls, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

13. My favorite comics are Get Fuzzy and Pearls Before Swine.

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