Jun. 3rd, 2008 07:09 am
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Melissa Francis posted this linky over at Romance Divas a few days ago.

Clive Owen. Shirtless.

You may drool now.
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The fiance just emailed me. Daniel Radcliffe's birthday is today!

Since he's finally legal--yes, I do have standards--he gets a spot on my Celebrity To-Do list at #4. (I've waited for years to add him!)

And let's post a linky to those nekkid Daniel Radcliffe pictures again for celebration.

Awwwww, yeah.
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Got this from a friend last week. Figured it was time to add some Afghan porn to my blog. :) A little Hamid Karzai for Wordless Wednesday.

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Because Daniel Negreanu is playing on Poker After Dark this week! And, yes, it's new episodes! And I really hope he kicks Brad Booth's butt because Brad is kinda Bob-ish looking. *ewww* (Okay, so it's not exactly Wordless Wednesday, if I'm typing.)

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... a.k.a. Your Weekly Dose of Hugh Laurie.

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Sorry, Hugo Weaving... you just got bumped down to #4.

The new guy in the #3 spot on my To-Do list is Daniel Negreanu, this week's Poker After Dark winner.

The adorable Daniel is 32 years old--wow... Stephanie actually wants to do a celebrity in her age bracket--and is from Toronto, Canada. Unfortunately, he's married. But, hey, so is Hamid (#1 on the list) and Hugh (#2). He--and, okay, his wife, too--lives in Las Vegas. So if Jeff and I actually get there this year... one of the rules of the To-Do list is that if I ever met said men on the To-Do list, then all bets are off. :) Heh, heh, heh. I can dream.

Text means nothing when discussing one's To-Do list. Heeeeeeeeeeere's Daniel:


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