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Golden Heart finalists were announced back on March 25. Since you didn't hear any screams from Cincinnati on that day, you can assume that I wasn't a finalist.

However, I got my scores today, and I gotta say... I think I did damn good. :)

I entered Grant and Lauren in the Novel with Strong Romantic Elements category.

This is a chick lit, so I have the flexibility not to focus *all* on the romance. It's written in first person present (which most romance writers hate--and they're the ones who are judges in this contest). It was never critiqued by anyone prior to me entering (other than myself). And it had a 35-page chapter 1 (which I thought I'd might get dinged on, but couldn't break it into two chapters since it was one continuous scene).

My scores... drum roll please...

Judge 1: 7
Judge 2: 8
Judge 3: 6.2
Judge 4: 7.6
Judge 5: 6

Final score: 34.8

Get this tidbit of info:

You may refer to the following information in order to determine the ranking of your score.

Top quarter; final scores equal to or greater than 36.2
Second quarter; final scores between 35.8 and 33.3
Lower half; final scores equal to or less than 32.6

Grant and Lauren were 1.4 points away from getting in the top quarter!

Awwwwwwwww, yeeeeeeeeah!

(I really need to get that T-shirt for moments like this.)
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(I tried posting this yesterday, but Blogger kept crashing my browser. Thanks, Blogger!)

... To the second round!

Samhain Publishing is having a first line contest. The winners who make it through to July gets to have their first three chapters and synopsis read by an editor there.

So I entered the first line from the Grant and Lauren story. And I thought I didn't make it through, because I didn't get an email. But my first line was there on the blog as one of the 90 who made it through the second round!!!! There were close to 300 entries!!!! (I later found out that they weren't emailing those who made it; they were just posting the results on the blog.)

The editor posted in the blog how she has all sorts of statistics, but that the interesting one is: No one line was chosen by more than five of the seven editors.

I made it!!! One of 90 out of close to 300!!!!

Here's my line: "We're going to go shopping for men."

I have until Friday at noon EST to post my second line. I need to polish it up because it needs a little ooomph, and I need to clarify that it's Julie who says "We're going to go shopping for men" and not Lauren.

You can find all the first lines, with the second lines, here.


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