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I know, going green is the cool thing to do.

But I was skimming through my Scriptscene email today, and found an email from a member, forwarded from RWA, regarding National (which I'm not going to).

Workshop Handouts Survey
In order to be environmentally responsible and respectful of the conference host city, San Francisco, RWA is considering alternatives for the workshop handouts this year. We'd like your feedback in the form of a short survey

RWA provides a huge book of handouts for all the workshops at National to all conference attendees, and members who don't go can buy the books in August. You can also get the handouts on CD-ROM too, for an extra cost, and I usually get that as well, for the times when I don't want to lug a big spiral bound book around.

I took the survey. They wanted to know... if they provided the handouts online, prior to conference, how willing conference attendees would be to download the handouts, print them off, and bring them with them to conference.

WTF? How is this being "environmentally responsible"? You're still killing trees. Not that I mind killing trees. Trees scream often when I'm parked in front of a computer. But still, National is expensive enough. I don't need to add the cost of a ream of paper, an ink cartridge, and binding into the price.

And what happens to the non-attendees? Do we get screwed out of the books because of RWA's insane need to be "respectful of the conference host city"?

Can we stop the PC, going green crap for one single fucking moment? Please??? The earth's been in a shitty place for quite awhile now. You all are jumping on the "save the earth" bandwagon just because Al Gore says it's cool.

Now I really wish I was going... just so I could bring a ton of plastic bags with me to SF for purchases.

S.F. first city to ban plastic shopping bags

(God, don't let Michael Nutter catch wind of that.)


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